A Starter’s Guide to the Enthralling Motorcycle Racing

Posted: March 25, 2011 in Jake wand

If you love challenges, passionate about motorcycle and mad about speed then you should opt motorcycle racing as a hobby. Wondering why? Well, motorcycle racing is considered as one of the physically demanding hobbies that can be extremely rewarding, of-course as king as it is practiced while keeping safety concerns in mind. Before you attend your first racing event you should make sure about your safety concern. Here’s what Jake Wand opines on motorcycle racing for beginners.

Before you meet your first biking event, you should begin by collecting all the essential riding gear including DOT-approved helmet, boots, gloves, riding pants and protective jacket. Here, one thing to be mentioned, while shopping for jacket always find something that fits comfortably and is not restrictive of your movements, especially while turning your head.

According to Jake Wand, the same is applicable with riding pants. You will be required something that will give you highest level of protection. After jacket and pant, your focus should be on helmet, which has utmost important role in protecting you from accident. Jake wand suggests you to opt only DOT-approved helmets for maximum protection.

Remember, never rush and don’t feel pressured to try for impressive lap times on your first racing event. Always get a feel for cornering and gradually expand your racing skills as you learn. Follow the above discussed basic rules to have a rewarding and safe experience. Wish you a happy riding!

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